Airlines with best on-time flight performance

When it comes to air travel, people seem to be worried more about getting to their destination in time than safety and comfort. It is for this reason that the legroom keeps diminishing year after year and why we rarely check for annual reports of airline safety. Instead, we have a popular report on punctuality.


OAG has compiled a “punctuality league report” of more than 58 million flights throughout 2018 to create the on-time performance (OTP) report for the upcoming year. It contains the punctuality results of more than 60 airlines from across the world, including mainline and low-cost ones.

The most punctual airlines

Unsurprisingly, there isn’t one single airline in the world that has a 100% OTP record for its flights. The most punctual airline in 2018 was Copa Airlines from Panama with an OTP score of 89.79%.

Behind it, at a very close range was airBaltic from Latvia, which scored 89.17% OTP. The next positions were grabbed by Hong Kong Airlines, Hawaii Airlines and Bangkok Airlines, each with more than 87% OTP.

Notable mentions are Qatar Airlines (9th with 85.17%), Japan Airlines (13th with 83.99%), and Mango, a South African airline that entered the top 20 in the nick of time with an OTP score of 82.88%.

Why is flight performance important?

Whether you are traveling for business or for your holidays arriving on time at your destination is crucial for your schedule as a passenger.

The same goes for airlines. Companies from all over the world count on their punctuality to grow their business. An airline that develops a bad reputation for being late may lose not only customers but profitable routes as well.

Airports may deny working with airlines if their usual tardiness disrupts air traffic and creates congestion.

How to claim compensation for a flight delay

Every time that they must delay or cancel a flight, airlines try to reach agreements with their complaining customers. They shower them with vouchers and discounts just to avoid compensation claims that may diminish their ranking even more.

If you are the victim of a flight delay or cancelation, regardless of the airline’s flight performance, you should claim compensation, for example, if you’re flying Wizzair from or to Portugal, check for Indemnização por Voo Atrasado na Wizz Air. It is your fundamental right as a passenger, and you may even employ the services of an expert company in the field that will help you with the paperwork and only ask for a commission when your case is successful.

How flight delays and cancellations can affect you

If you fly with a company that delays or cancels its flights often, your entire plan goes out the window.

A flight delay can cause you to lose connections, car rental, and hotel reservations. It can ruin an important business meeting or your long-desired family vacation.

When your flight is delayed or canceled, you may lose money, time and energy by having to make new adjustments to your travel itinerary.

That is why, it is essential for you, as a passenger, to always check which airlines have the best on-time flight performance and book tickets with the one that is most punctual in your area.