Chemical Handling Best Practices With Chemical Resistant Drum Pumps

Safe and effective chemical management has become a central component of workplace safety. The responsible handling, storage and use of chemicals in the workplace from acquisition to disposal, through legislation, have been placed on the employer. فروش مواد شیمیایی پیشگامان شیمی Designing and implementing safe workplace practices are not only a case for legislation, but businesses are now well versed in the adverse effects on production and staff morale when accidents involving chemicals occur within the working environment. The process of managing chemicals in the workplace can be broken down into specific phases, including the acquisition, identification, inventory, storage and disposal of such liquids and products.

One of the most common causes of chemical accidents is in the storage, movement and dispersal of the liquid from the storage container. Best practices relating to chemical safety insist that hazardous fluids must be stored in a manner that minimises health and safety hazards to any person, buildings, equipment and the environment. Additionally, chemicals must be stored in segregated areas according to their compatibility, as to reduce the chances of the various chemicals coming into contact with each other and create an adverse reaction, such as smoke, fire or the release of flammable or poisonous gases. Furthermore, it is essential that these fluids be held in the smallest amounts possible; if there is an adverse event, the amount of chemicals involved will be limited to a minimum. However, other issues of safety arise when transferring hazardous chemicals from the original container to a smaller unit of storage.

Chemical resistant drums are a logical and trusted choice of many in the manufacturing, productive, food and medical industries to ensure that any hazardous materials are safely secured. However, as mentioned previously, many accidents and near incidents occur when chemicals are being extracted from the unit of storage. This is where chemical resistant drum pumps have been used successfully; providing accurate and measurable fluid transfer in a manner which is safe for those using the pump.

Award winning chemical resistant drum pumps are constructed to contain neither a vacuum pump nor a piston; with gentle pressure all that is being required to transfer fluid on both the down and up stroke. Being constructed with polypropylene and low density polyethylene, with no moving parts, they offer true reliability and longevity in a variety of workplace environments. When considering the safety of your employees and the productive capacity of the business, don’t take second chances with chemicals and utilise only the best chemical resistant drum pumps available in the market today.

The award winning New Zealand Pump Company has been manufacturing the ingeniously simple Ezi-action Drumpumps since 1991. Our chemical resistant, FDA compliant, Japanese Food Hygiene Approved  and Ezi-action Safety Measures have been proven around the world for safety and reliability for hand pumping from drums and containers. Our plastic drum pumps are resistant to a wide range of chemicals. They will pump viscous fluids and are suitable for use with strong acids and alkalis, oils and lubricants.


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